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Functional or intuitive?

Tine 2.0 is both

Have you ever tried to use software in your company that is not user-friendly?

Nobody wants to spend his time with a tool that is not worthwhile. Tine 2.0 will convince you and your colleagues with its user-friendly, intuitive operation!

If users find it difficult to find their way around software, acceptance is usually inhibited. Our software experts develop with the eyes of our customers and users so that the software is quickly accepted and integrated into their everyday life. A uniform interface in all Tine 2.0 modules helps users to find their way around quickly and effortlessly. In Tine 2.0 the user finds a multitude of practical functions whose use is immediately understandable. Nevertheless, we do not leave our users alone: the help function in Tine 2.0, for example, is context-sensitive. And for all those who want to go a little deeper, there is the digital Tine 2.0 manual. A powerful software that is accepted by the team and supports the productivity of your team - that's Tine 2.0!
But Tine 2.0 has many more aces up its sleeve ... scroll on and see for yourself.

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Tipp 01

Do you already know the individual calendar settings?

If you click on your user name in the top right corner, you can go to your individual settings. In the entry for the calendar you will find many practical options. For example, you can change the time-span, which is displayed by default in the calendar overview, to adapt your daily schedule. To do this, enter a start and an end (e.g. your core working time) and define which time period in hours should be displayed.

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Tipp 02

Do you already know how to set up an out of office note?

In the e-mail module, in the left column, go to the e-mail account for which you want to create an out of office note and right-click on the account name. Select "Edit Vacation Message" and a window will appear where you first select "I am not available" in the status dropdown. Then you can set the start and end date as well as the substitute and text.

Tipp 03

Do you already know the calendar feature "Free time search"?

Just let Tine 2.0 search for an appointment, in which several participants have time. For this purpose there is the function "Free Time Search" above on the left side of the creation window. First enter the desired participants and the time period then press the button and Tine 2.0 will be displayed in a new window shows possible common dates. With "Back" and "Forward" you can switch between you can change between the different options, under "Options" you can define a period of time in more detail.

Illustration Tipp
Illustration Tipp

Tipp 04

Do you already know the download links?

Files that you have stored in the file manager can be shared with other people - even if they do not have Tine 2.0 access. Right-click on the desired file and select "Publish". In the next step you can assign a password, have it generated or leave the field blank and click directly on "Ok". You will then be shown the download URL, which you can easily share.

Tipp 05

Do you already know the address book feature "Parse address"?

You will find it as a button in the upper left corner when you create a new contact. Simply copy the existing address data into the pop-up input field (e.g. from an e-mail signature) and click "OK". In the "Description" field the individual components, which you can simply drag and drop onto the fields - if Tine 2.0 can't do that already has taken over. Finally, click "End Token Mode" in the upper left corner and save the new contact with "OK" - done!

Illustration Tipp
Illustration Tipp

Tipp 06

Do you already know the calendar feature "group appointments"?

Especially in the case of repeated team meetings, it is time-consuming to keep the participants of the appointment up to date. It is easier if you create a group with all participants and their e-mail addresses in the Tine 2.0 address book. When creating a shared appointment you can then simply add the group as a participant. If something changes in the group in the future, Tine 2.0 will automatically update all events in this group.