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The file manager is your central storage location for documents, ...

... that you want to share or access from anywhere. Like a small, mobile document safe. Store and lock your document, share keys with trusted people only - and access your document anytime, anywhere.


Most of our users have their first contact with the granular rights system here. On folder level you can set inheritable read and write permissions. You like it even more secure? Then why not protect your folders and files additionally with a PIN? By the way: What happens in Tine 2.0 stays in Tine 2.0! Therefore, Tine 2.0 is predestined for working with confidential documents.

But of course this is not the only ace up your sleeve! With the granular rights management your data protection officer can really let his hair down! Which users get access to the storage folder? How much storage space is given to a user? Is the user only allowed to see the document preview or also download or edit the file? Can the document be shared via a download link? As you can see, you can quickly and easily configure and adjust rights for each user.


Uploading your local files from Windows Explorer via the Tine interface is too cumbersome for you? No problem, just use Tine 2.0 Drive. The software mounts the file manager like a local drive, so you can easily access the files via Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder.

In addition, the Tine 2.0 file manager is in many ways much more practical than other local or server-based file stores, because with the full-text search or a preview for various file formats, which gives a view of the contents without starting a new program, you will find what you are looking for much faster. If something is changed in a file, you will receive a notification. Due to the automatic versioning, the earlier versions of your document are still kept.


And then there are the download links: They are especially handy if you want to share large files that would blow up many email accounts. For a limited time, optionally with a password, you can share the link to the file with recipients who don't have a user account in your Tine 2.0.

Features overview

  • Granular rights management
  • access rights per folder
  • Possibility to protect documents from access with PIN
  • full text search, preview
  • Versioning
  • Notifications of changes
  • Creation of download links: time-limited, password protected, can be shared without the recipient needing a user account
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