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E-mails are a real time killer!

The Tine 2.0 e-mail client was developed to optimize communication processes and increase effectiveness! This leaves more time for the really important things!

With the e-mail client, e-mails can be sent as plain text or as HTML. Thanks to IMAP, you can access your mailbox from various devices at any time. Your e-mails are confidential? Then you can send them securely pgp-encrypted and protect them from other readers.


Typos in the e-mail address are now a thing of the past! When typing in the e-mail address / Enter the first letters of the address, the automatic search in the address book is triggered and suitable suggestions are made by auto-completion.

And the attachments? With Tine 2.0 you can send files in different ways. Either as a normal file attachment, as is currently the case, as a download link or as a system link. With the download link, larger data can be sent even if the recipient is not a Tine 2.0 user. The link is valid for a limited time and can be protected with a password if required. And all this without having to upload the file using an external web service. The system link is a clever solution in combination with the Tine 2.0 file manager. The link refers to a file in the file manager that can only be opened by authorized users. The big advantage: The file does not leave the closed system and thus data protection requirements can be met.


The Sieve filter ensures that you can quickly find exactly the mails you need, even in large mailboxes. You can also save mails in the file manager with a click and allow others to access them. This is especially useful when you're on vacation, but your colleagues need specific information. Speaking of holidays: Different templates can be created for standardized absence notes and activated with a click.

You see: With the integrated e-mail client, Tine 2.0 offers you all the usual functions for your business communication - secure, professional and user-friendly.


Features overview

  • IMAP
  • PGP encryption
  • Sieve filter
  • Absence note adjustable
  • Storage in file manager for shared access
  • Auto-complete function for contacts in the addressbook
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