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A well maintained customer relationship management ...

... is the key to successful sales. Our CRM is smart, lean and strong.

A simple, easy-to-understand tool for lead management - this is how you could describe the Tine 2.0 CRM module. It is reduced to the essentials in the management of potential business relationships and sales opportunities, but still leaves nothing missing. It develops its true strength in interaction with the other Tine 2.0 tools, such as appointment and task management.

With the CRM module, the sales team can collect, maintain and manage all information about their leads, i.e. the potential customers. The better the lead management, the better a customer relationship can be maintained or, if necessary, taken over by other colleagues. Attachments or notes on the lead make it possible to quickly gain an overview of what is at stake and which agreements were made with whom and when. Combined with the other Tine 2.0 tools, you can define appointments and follow-ups for your customer and never lose sight of a sales opportunity.


You want to store confidential information that cannot be seen by all colleagues? No problem - with the help of granular rights management, you can determine for each lead who is granted access or, for example, only read and/or write rights. Of course, in addition to your own lead list, you can also create a shared lead list to enable structured processing within a team.


The fast retrieval of statistics and reports is particularly important for sales work: What sales can be expected in the next quarter? Will the planned growth be achieved? In which sales areas were expectations exceeded? Where might there be a need to adjust the sales strategy? A properly maintained lead management system with Tine 2.0 can provide you with information about sales forecasts, sales opportunities, etc., shows you which customers, partners or resellers are attractive business partners, supports you in controlling and thus significantly eases your work.


Features overview

  • own and joint lead lists
  • granular rights management
  • Calling up statistics and reports (sales forecasts, sales opportunities, etc.)
  • Link to other Tine-2.0 records such as contact, e-mail or documents
  • full text search
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