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Only create appointments?

With Tine 2.0 the complete appointment management for your team gets a new face!

Suppose you are planning a one-day event with employees and customers and need different rooms in your house, tables and seating, beamers, vehicles from the carpool and at the same time you would like to send your agenda and would like to choose the date from three alternatives?

With Tine 2.0 you can take all of this into account while creating the appointment.

The dynamic availability indicator shows which internal participants and resources are available on the selected date. Or you can leave this task to Tine 2.0, because the automatic appointment search displays free periods of time when all required participants and resources are available.


Also the integration of external calendars (e.g. bank days, school and public vacations) is possible without any problems. For example, it can be set if the appointment should not take place during the summer vacations. Documents can easily be attached to the appointment and, if you wish, you can have things voted on directly or query the need for hotel rooms.


Features overview

  • User and resource planning
  • External calendars can be integrated
  • Automatic appointment search
  • availability display
  • Personal and shared calendars
  • Dynamic date series exceptions (e.g. vacations, public holidays, etc.)
  • Synchronization on mobile devices
  • Different colored representation
  • Attaching documents
  • votes
  • print function
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