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Address management & more ...

This module can manage adresses too, of course, but it does not stop there! You find manual input of new addresses too time-consuming?

With Tine 2.0 you can import vCards or transfer addresses from your e-mails directly into your address book, either your personal or a shared one. The duplicate recognition feature is particularly helpful here, as it detects and filters out duplicate records during the import process. Do you want to store specific information about your contacts? Then define an additional field for this.

To keep the overview in thousands of addresses, there are several options. Create groups to which you assign contacts. Or set tags to the single contacts.

In combination with the extensive, customizable filters, which can also consist of several "and" and "or" links, contacts can be managed quickly and concisely. And because they are so practical, you can easily save your self-configured filter and share it with your colleagues.

Link the contacts with other data records from Tine 2.0, and you will find out at a glance when the next appointment with the customer is scheduled or which documents you have sent him. You plan to visit several customers? Then have the address of your customers displayed directly in Tine 2.0 on the map (OpenStreetMap) and arrange your appointments in a practical way.

Particularly time-saving is the creation of serial letters with the Tine 2.0 addressbook. Filter e.g. for a group and use this record as address list for your serial letter. Directly from Tine 2.0 you can then create your mailing template as .docx - and you will never want to send serial letters any other way.


Features overview

  • personal and shared address books
  • Group management
  • Import and export of records
  • Import from vCards
  • linking of individual contacts and records
  • definable additional fields
  • Display of addresses in a map (OpenStreetMap)
  • customizable, dynamic filters with "and"-/ "or"-links, which can be shared with other users
  • Tags for quick marking
  • Address export for creating mailing templates
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