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Tine 2.0 can already do quite a lot - and a little bit more with our AddOns. From small plugins to fully-grown modules, you can add new functions to Tine 2.0.


Are you an avid user of the file manager with its many functions? Then you should get to know our preview - data security that comes along as a convenience for the user.

During a meeting, your employee wants to quickly show a diagram that she has stored in the file manager. Instead of first downloading the file, then opening it by double-clicking and waiting for the respective display program to start, she can use the preview view to show a selected file directly in a browser window by briefly pressing the space bar.


At the same time, your data security manager will be pleased because sensitive files do not have to be stored locally on a computer, but remain in the secure environment of Tine 2.0 the whole time.


Features overview

  • displayable file formats: PDF, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, txt, eml, png, jpg, gif
  • available in the file manager, in linked files and for file attachments in records
  • exclusively for customers of the Tine 2.0 Business Edition
  • An additional server (min. 2 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, 20 GB storage) is required for the ongoing creation of previews
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OnlyOffice Integration

Create and edit documents directly in Tine 2.0 - also collaboratively

You know the situation. You are working on a document together with colleagues and have to send it back and forth all the time. Files with names like "Document_new.doc", "Document_new_doc", "Document_final.doc" and "Document_now-real_final.doc" pile up. Collaboration becomes really 'exciting' when you try to reconcile the different versions of your colleagues. Google Docs is also out of the question for data protection reasons.

This is the moment of OnlyOffice. With the integration you can create and edit office documents directly in Tine 2.0 - even simultaneously with several users. The whole range of the most important Office applications are available to you: Text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Furthermore, your data security officer will be pleased to know that you no longer need to download files from the file manager and then save them locally in order to edit them. The documents remain all the time in the secure environment of Tine 2.0.


Features overview

  • File formats: docx (text document), xlsx (spreadsheet), pptx (presentation)
  • available in file manager, in attachments to records and in file attachments for e-mails
  • automatic saving when closing a document
  • exclusively for customers of the Tine 2.0 Business Edition
  • Prerequisite is an OnlyOffice installation (further information: server/community.aspx or ask us, we are official distribution partners)
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Work Time Recording

The digital punch clock

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a widely publicized ruling requiring employers to keep full records of their employees' working hours. Even though the German government is still taking its time to implement the ruling in the national Working Hours Act, you can already prepare for it now.
Regardless of whether your employees come to the office, attend external appointments or work from the home office, with Tine work time recording, they can all record their respective hours.

If your employees work stationary at the company headquarters, you can further simplify time recording with terminals from our partner DataFox (data sheet): The employees log on and off at the terminals, the times are automatically transferred to Tine 2.0 and can be further managed from there.
But even without a terminal, time recording works from any PC. If your employees are out of the office, they can simply log in to Tine 2.0 and fill out their timesheet there.


Features Overview

  • Work time recording with link to HR data (vacation, weekly hours)
  • extendable through customizable hardware terminals
  • exclusively for customers of the Tine 2.0 Business Edition
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