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True: Address Book is a gross understatement. This is more than a pure adress-collection. The addressbook is the perfect relation manager!

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On average, we receive more than 600 e-mails per month at our workplace. E-mails are still the most popular communication tool. Send your e-mails with Tine 2.0, benefit from the many small features and you will have more time for other things!

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Do you still work with classic to-do lists? Writing tasks on slips of paper and crossing them out as soon as they are done? Time for a new era!

icon filemanager


For all those who work on documents on the road or together: Store them centrally, share them, protect them from unauthorized access, and access them anywhere at any time.

icon projektzeit


Services are not billed correctly? Tine 2.0 helps you to invoice customer projects or company internal services faster, more accurately and more correctly.

icon crm


Manage and maintain your customer relationships and securely store all your knowledge about your contact - with unlimited access even when you are on the road!