Tine 2.0 - Features

We provide Tine 2.0 as a full version. All standard upgrades are free of charge and available via new software versions.

The standard scope currently comprises the following features:

Overview of Features

Address book

In excess of the server limits of your company, also including external staff.

Task administration

Organize tasks according to status and priority and work more efficiently with common task lists.


The efficient calendar simplifies your date administration and the coordination of common dates and appointments.

File manager

Process files together and access these vie the web interface or WebDAV.

Time tracking

Your staff have time accounts which you can evaluate flexibly. This makes Controlling and invoicing easier.


Thanks to ActiveSync, your appointments, contacts and tasks are available at any time on your Smartphone.


Access your emails from anywhere and use the direct link to the address book and the task administration.


Administrate projects of staff, partners and customers coherently and effectively.

Telephone integration

Call your contacts directly via mouse click from your address book. The history of each call is documented.

Search function

Upgraded filter functions enable the user to make exact search enquiries and landings. All search enquiries can be stored and easily re-used.

Dynamic View of Lists

Data groups of varying size can be displayed in dynamic lists. A useful tool, especially for Sales, Controlling and Accounting.

User Friendliness

Tine 2.0 makes life easier for beginners and yet still fulfills e requirements of professionals, User-friendliness of Tine 2.0 has been certified pursuant to ISO 13407.


Tine 2.0 thinks and writes with you. All activities and changes to a dataset are stored automatically in the logbook.

Allocation of rights

On account of a flexible allocation of rights, each user accesses exactly the data he needs. You define the access rights.


Tine 2.0 is available in several different languages.

Tine 2.0 net

The popular open source groupware with full service hosting package.


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