The new version excels most of all on account of the new file manager. This enables simple exchange of files between users. To organize use as simply as possible, files can e.g. be exchanged via Drag & Drop over the web user interface or via WebDAV.

Users who prefer desktop programs of a web user interface can now also access their data via CalDAV and CardDAV. Programs supported include Thunderbird, Apple iCal and all iOS devices.

Invitations to appointments can now be confirmed or cancelled directly in the email program. This ensures you no longer have to manually sort out appointments in your calendar.

Another focus of the new version involves the option of searching via all applications: e.g. all contacts can now be found from the address book, which are linked in the CRM module with an open lead.

The synchronization of Smartphones has also been improved. „By improving the synchronization logic, Smartphones now consume less energy. This vastly improves the battery life,“ states Lars Kneschke, Team Leader and Product Manager Tine 2.0.